Grooming tips for German dog breeds

Our tips for maintaining 5 of the most common German dog breeds

While every country in the world has their own specific dog breeds, it's no secret that Germany is home to some of the most popular breeds across the globe. Coming in all different shapes, sizes and coat types, there's definitely a German breed for everyone! Here are some grooming tips for popular breeds from Deutschland.

German Shepherd (Alsatian)

The German Shepherd breed has a double coat, so the best thing for maintaining their coat is giving them a general brush out with a rake to remove any dead hair, and to help keep your home hair-free!

This tool looks like its name, but acts as a wide toothed comb with a longer handle to help read the dog's undercoat safely.


The Dachshunds come in three different types which require different grooming techniques;

  • Long Haired: this breed requires the most frequent maintenance of all three Dachshund types! Brush them once a day to prevent their silky coat from forming mats, and visit the groomers every 4-6 weeks for a trim!
  • Smooth: this type of Dachshund is the most common, and requires the least maintenance! Give them a bath if they've been running through mud, and every once in a while use a silicone brush to get rid of any dead hair and keep their coat nice and shiny!
  • Wire: this coat type is quite easy going; brush them regularly to keep the coat free from knots, and to help strip out the dead hairs. Take them to the groomers roughly every 3-4 months for a full hand strip to ensure their coat is nice and healthy!


Whether you have a Mini, Standard or Giant Schnauzer, the grooming techniques are generally the same! If your pooch is in the Schnauzer breed standard haircut, make sure to brush the skirt and legs regularly as they tend to sweep up debris and bramble. Doing so will help prevent matting!

Sometimes Schnauzers can have a wiry coat which needs hand stripping, check with your breeder or groomer to see what is best for your dog's coat type.


These medium-sized breed, descended from the Spitz, has a double coat. Similarly to the German Shepherd, give your Eurasier a good brush with a rake to remove dead undercoat, take them to the groomers to tidy up their pads, bum and hygiene area and to give them a tidy outline!


Also known as the Monkey Terrier, or affectionately as the 'black devil', the Affenpinscher is a small terrier breed originally used to catch rats.

To keep your Affen's coat in good condition, brush their wiry coat frequently to remove any knots or debris and take them to the groomers to get hand stripped every 2-3 months! It's that easy!

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