Terms & Conditions for GroomArts Grooming courses

The cost of tuition is as stated for each of the individual courses as listed in your course email. All course fees must be paid in full in accordance with the terms stated. A booking/registration form must be completed and accompanied by a deposit before a reservation on the selected course will be confirmed.

All deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances. The balance of a course must be paid 2 weeks before the commencement, except for students who book any Level 3 course where the balance must be paid at least 28 working days prior to the commencement of your course. If a student pays for the course via Split-it the student is responsible to follow the terms and conditions as stated by Split-it. Groomarts does not have any responsibility for payments once Split-it has accepted and commenced your finance contract.

Placement transfers: If for any reason a student cannot embark on their chosen course and gives GroomArts more than 28 days’ notice then GroomArts will offer the student a one-time opportunity to transfer their original booking to another available course within the year of the original booking. Any further transfer requests are not permitted.

Cancellation: Should a student cancel their booking within 28 days of the commencement date of the course then the student remains liable for the remaining balance. However, GroomArts will endeavour to sell that place to another student and should a replacement be found before 3 working days prior to the course commencement date then the original student is no longer liable. If however, a suitable replacement cannot be found then the student remains liable and the outstanding balance.

Splitit Payments: If you have elected to schedule your payments using Splitit then should you default on your payment obligations then you agree to repay three times the amount outstanding. This will become effective from 10 working days after the first occurrence of a default. You will be given 20 days thereafter to resolve the matter with us after which time the case will be handed over to a debt recovery agency and may affect your credit rating pending the conclusion of legal proceedings.

Refunds: Once a student has embarked on a course and later decides to cancel their remaining course then they will be refunded 50% of the course fees on a pro-rata basis of the time remaining.

Once a booking is made, the course days cannot be changed. Failure to attend booked days will result in a loss of those course days.

The proprietors of GroomArts reserve the right to refuse to accept a student for whom they feel any course is unsuitable. No reason for such a decision may be given.

Students are expected to be punctual and to cooperate with colleagues so as to ensure the smooth running and congenial atmosphere of the salon throughout the duration of the course.

In the event of any course having to be cancelled by GroomArts prior to the starting date, for whatever reason, a full refund will be made to the student. It should be noted that GroomArts accepts no liability for additional expenses such as travelling, accommodation or other related costs that may have been incurred.

GroomArts will endeavour to provide fair training services to the best of its abilities. If a student has substantive evidence that we have fallen below a reasonable standard of delivery, then the student agrees to address their concerns directly with us according to our complaints policy which can be found on our website. If a student initiates a complaint outside of this policy to any awarding bodies that we work with then the student will be liable for the cost of our legal fees should we instruct legal services in such an event.

We aim to provide professional quality training to our students and it is vitally important that we all work in an upbeat, positive and productive atmosphere. It may be possible for a student to have a detrimental impact on the class, which can then spoil the learning experience and reduce the quality of training for others. Therefore, if any student appears to be having a negative impact on the class then GroomArts agrees in the first instance to work with that student to find a positive solution for the best benefit of the group. Subsequently, if GroomArts decides no solution can be found then the student’s training will be terminated immediately and they will be refunded 50% of the time remaining on a pro-rata basis. Neither reason nor documentation in support of a detrimental impact may be given.

You agree not to use social media or any other means of communication to make defamatory statements about our company, including any of our staff nor make any statements nor any actions that may be deemed to have a negative impact on our business or can bring our business into disrepute for a period of 3 years from the date of this contract. Should you be in breach of this clause then you agree to repay the entire cost of your training.

Non-Solicitation. During the term of your contract with GroomArts Academy and for 3 years after any termination of this agreement, you will not directly or indirectly or in the service or on behalf of others, in any capacity induce or attempt to induce any officer, director, or member of staff to leave the Company. Any such breach of this clause will render you liable to pay us 5 times the current salary of any person so induced to leave.

All students are fully covered by insurance against claims by owners of dogs upon which they have worked during the course.

GroomArts would like to advise all students to ensure their tetanus vaccinations are up to date. GroomArts will not be held liable for any mishap that may arise as a result of any student not having done so.

You must stay up to date with assignments and must also complete all paperwork before the end of the course unless expressly written otherwise. If you fail any of the assessments then you will be given one further chance to pass the assessment. Following a further failure then you will be liable for the cost of further teaching and assessing.

You must sign and date all pages relating to your assignments and your portfolio practical and theory work. This includes all photographic & visual evidence. You should be aware that GroomArts have many student assessments to carry out and therefore, once all the signed documentation for a student’s portfolio has been received it can then take up to two weeks to assess the portfolio. Our IQA may take a further week to check your assessment. Additionally, you should also be aware that your portfolio may be further sent to the External Quality Assessor which can result in a further delay. Then, once the awarding body has received your completed and assessed portfolio you can usually expect to receive your certificate within 4-6 weeks.

In the interests of maintaining hygiene, minimising cross contamination and to ensure that the student develops professional grooming habits that will be deployed after their course in their own salon, the cleaning of workstations and adjacent areas throughout the academy is required. This includes vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning baths, kennels, disinfecting surfaces and also cleaning the filters in the drying room. A failure to comply with a request in this regard may lead to the student's expulsion from the course unless the student has previously provided acceptable evidence that precludes them from carrying out this task.

It is important to be aware that each awarding body will have their own assessment policy and as such, there can be varying times it takes to receive official certification after it has been awarded. This is especially true in any restrictions that impact the natural running of courses. For further details, please check our website for terms and conditions and any contingency plans.

Unacceptable behaviour: Students should note with acute interest that we operate a zero tolerance policy of unacceptable behaviour from any student(s) that is derogatory, discriminatory, offensive, contains threats of physical harm or violence, threatens adverse reviews or other potentially defamatory or detrimental action, or includes unreasonable demands or unreasonable levels of contact.

Unacceptable behaviour is further defined as anything which causes others to feel threatened e.g. name-calling, verbal abuse, personal insults, spreading malicious rumours or gossip, or insulting someone, threatening language or behaviour; theft or damage to property; intimidation; physical abuse; bullying; harassment including racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic or transphobic abuse. Disruption to lessons. Disrespecting our premises or staff. Refusing to carry out any actions as detailed in either the requirements for successful completion of the chosen qualification or any actions, duties or student requirements outlined in our policies and/or contracts with the student.  Any aggressive management or mistreatment of our clients' pets. Possession or use of drugs including cigarettes or alcohol on our premises. Use of mobile phones during the Academy day, where not permitted. 

In the event that unacceptable behaviour has been identified then an opportunity may be given to the student to redress their conduct and provide assurances of improved behaviour. However the company reserves the right to terminate with immediate effect, the further training and assessment of the identified student(s) and that their portfolio of evidence required for the achievement of an awarding body qualification will no longer be processed by our academy staff. A report of the unacceptable behaviour will be sent to the awarding body.

In such an event, our endorsement of the student(s) will be completely withdrawn and any fees that have been paid and relating to the time remaining on a student’s course will be completely forfeit.

Prior to attendance all students must submit written details of any medical conditions, disabilities or allergies. A failure to bring to our attention any ailment or disability that subsequent to internal assessment then requires further support or assistance will result in the student being liable for the extra costs to supply the additional support. A student may also be asked to leave the course if they fail to inform us of any condition that may affect the health and wellbeing of any student or if it may adversely affect the learning environment. If a student deliberately misleads or falsifies their personal details including any medical conditions then they will be asked to leave the course and will be refunded 50% pro-rata of the time remaining.

If you have any concerns regarding potential health issues then you must make us aware before booking a place on the course and consult your own G.P.

All students must note that wearing jewellery whilst grooming is not acceptable. Mobile phones must not be used or carried about your person whilst carrying out practical work. During these times, it can be stored safely in your allocated student locker.

Please note that since our awarding bodies place an additional charge for amendments to bookings/registration details you must ensure that all of your personal details are correct at the time of booking. Any subsequent amendments will be charged at £50 for each time an amendment is made.

Students should especially take note that during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have introduced very specific working measures and practices to ensure the health and wellbeing of all customers and staff. It is vitally important that all students familiarise themselves with all of the relevant rules, procedures and safety equipment and guidelines. Any student who we feel shows a willful neglect of these rules will be immediately asked to leave the course and they will be refunded 50% pro rata of the time remaining.

If any student is required to self-isolate as a result of government guidance then, providing that the student can submit to us sufficient evidence of the official request then the student will be offered the lost days at the next available opportunity 

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