How to keep your dog's fur from matting

Our tips and tricks to keep their coat nice and healthy

It's always a shame when you take your beloved pooch to the groomers and they say they have to clip their fur short, because their fur is too matted. Here are our tips to keep their fur in good condition and avoid the dreaded clip off!

1. Choose the right brush

Steer clear of cheaper pin brushes with plastic nubs bristles! Spend some money on a really good nub-free slicker brush, this will make sure the bristles work their way through the knots instead of bending around them.

2. Brush and comb regularly

Once you've picked out a suitable brush, it's important to brush your dog regularly. Even if your dog wriggles, cries or tries to bite you, you must persevere; leaving mats to develop can cause skin irritation and lead to expensive vet bills!

If your pooch won't stay still, try putting them on a lead and sitting them on a table - this mimics their experience at a groomers and creates separation from playtime on the floor (which is their territory)!

Use a metal comb to find any little knots - if the comb catches, switch to your slicker brush to work through any knots or mats. This helps prevent over-brushing and irritating the skin.

3. Bathe your dog regularly

If your pooch is a fan of rolling around in mud or jumping in puddles - bathing them regularly is key. Build of dirt creates friction in the hair which creates knots and mats as your pooch runs around.

A bath around once or twice a month is ideal for most dog breeds, although for dogs with longer coats, avoid rubbing their fur with a towel afterwards (as this can create knots too).

4. Groom them regularly

Letting the pros do their work takes out a lot of the stress and hassle of wrestling your pooch trying to brush him. A good groomer will ensure all the knots are taken care of before they turn into matted fur, all while you get an afternoon of peace and quiet!

5. Keep their fur short

If all else fails, or the maintenance is too much, an easy solution is to keep your dogs fur shorter. Although it may sacrifice the adorable fluffy look, this may be the key to a happier dog and a happier you!

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