Fighting fear in a new career

Here's why it's important to feel scared and pursue your dreams anyway

When it comes to changing careers, there are many factors to be afraid of. These thoughts stop you in your tracks, leaving you feeling paralysed. Regardless if it's the perfect time to make this change, out of a career that makes you miserable to something you've dreamt of.

Fear of failure, fear of looking like a fool and fear of the unknown hold you back, but staying in your current job makes you feel trapped and frustrated. How do you move forward?

Although this sounds a bit mad, try to see this fear in a positive light. You're scared of failing because you care and are passionate about your new dog grooming career. If you're not feeling some fear it means you aren't doing something you really care about. 

Do you want to love what you do? Do you want to feel excited every day about your work? If you said "yes" to either of these, you will need to take actions to pursue the career that will do that for you, to avoid looking back on your life with regret further down the line.

What's the worst that could happen? The answer, quite a lot actually! 

But what could you do to minimise these things? If you plan out some scenarios, and what you would do realistically if they happened, you can armour yourself against those fears to push forward.

What could you gain from this change? The answer, quite a lot actually!

According to a University of Manchester study, having a job you hate is actually worse for your mental health than having no job at all. Although it's hard to imagine, the saying that 'money can't buy happiness' does hold true! Loving what you do impacts your not just your working life, but your personal life too. Check out our blog post about this topic here

Use this fear to motivate you to move forward instead of shying away from it! Understand your fears, address them, and take your career reinvention one step at a time. Life is a learning experience, and so is a new career. Address your fears, learn about yourself, and believe in yourself so your career can be a positive and life-changing experience.

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