Pet Grooming Services - Add on / Up-sell opportunities


Painting nails: If you’re going to pamper your pooch, why not give them that pristine finish and protect their nails with a fantastic varnish. You can even style them further with a fantastic range of colours and patterns, all of which will be acetone free and is great way to show that you care without piling on the calories for your furry friend. It is a great way of adding a sense of style and additional cost to the over all groom. 

Clipping nails: Clipping a dog’s nails is an essential part of it’s maintenance and something that can be a clear add-on opportunity. If a dog’s nails are left to grow too long, it can affect their foot formation and also how their quick grows. This can be uncomfortable for the dog and as a groomer, is a service that you can offer very quickly, even for those dogs that aren’t in for a full groom.

Ear cleaning: Ear cleaning is very similar to clipping a dog’s nails. This is really imperative for certain breeds of dogs because they are much more likely to collect dirt and create the environment for breeding bacteria and holding parasites in unclean ears. For a dog’s health, this can be part of the standard grooming process.

Anal glands: This is an optional service that is given to dogs that are unable to release the build up of fluid; they would usually use this to mark their territory. This is usually when a dog has been spayed or neutered.  To stop this build up, which can cause an uncomfortable, smelly, compacted area, we can externally clear the glands.

Teeth descaling: This optional treatment is given at the discretion of the groomer. A dog’s teeth are fundamental for their health and a build up of plaque can lead to issues with eating and infection. To make sure your dog has a healthy set of gnashers, they can be cleaned by a groomer. It is something that usually requires specialist knowledge, equipment and training but can be done at your own discretion.

Perfume and a quick freshen up: This is a service that most people will jump at the chance to have and will choose to have again and again. People respond strongly to smells and having a distinct smell can say a lot about you as a brand and also help associate a good cut and service with your name and that specific fragrance.


Brushes and combs: Most pet owners could and should be encouraged to do a bit of maintenance within their own homes. Unfortunately, lots of owners will be happy to use their own hairbrush or to buy one specific for humans. This isn’t effective in being able to groom a dog’s hair properly and can actually add to the knotting and matting that a dog has.  By using specialist brushes and combs, you are ensuring that your owners are happy and the dog’s coat condition should generally be better.

Flea kit: Although severe treatment should be carried out by vets, flea treatment and flea kits are commonly needed for dogs, especially those that regularly come into contact with other dogs. This is something can be easily used and shows that you are concerned for the welfare and give the customer an easier option than going to the vets.

Consumables: This is a fantastic choice. Find me a dog that doesn’t like treats or even more importantly, find me a dog that won’t eat!  Consumables are easy options that can be matched to your brand and in a similar way to parents with children, owners will want to purchase a treat for their pets. This can be bought time and time again, which makes it a smart choice for your business.

Perfumes: Perfumes are luxury items for both humans and dogs and are a great way of giving every dog that comes into your business a sense of identity. Owners will like to have something that helps their dog smell clean and fresh and give them the chance to be seen as “I get groomed here”.

Toys: For owners, the idea that they are stimulating their pet is hugely important. Using toys to play with them and to help socializing skills are highly effective. This commodity is a great way of helping instill an active lifestyle for the dogs and the owners that come through your doors plus also work really well as gifts for other owners too.

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