Steven's Story

I was a graphic designer who went from lacking confidence to being a really successful stylist with my new grooming business.

I was working in the finance sector as a graphic designer for about 20 years and needed something just for me.  I didn’t want to work for somebody else, I just wanted to work for myself. I did a lot of research but GroomArts had a really professional setup and offered everything I wanted.

GroomArts made such a big impact on my life and my business has gone from strength to strength

You learn about professional styling, what clients really want, setting up a business, the legal side of things and everything you need to know. I gained so much confidence and this enabled me to get my shop premises and build the business today. I was so surprised out how successful it has been. After only 3 months my business was doing incredibly well. I grew my client base from just 30 people to 140

Without the experience of going to Groomarts I probably wouldn’t have had such a successful business.

The tutors are always on hand, they look after you, they help you out if you are struggling and they’ll show you where you’re going wrong, whether that’s to do with your grooming or to do with making your business more profitable.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Groomarts Academy and I have already. A friend of mine is coming back from Ibiza and I have told him to go to Groomarts Academy as they are absolutely the best you can get.

"Thanks to Groomarts Academy, I’ve moved on from my life in the finance sector which I was very tired of doing, to being my own boss and having an easier life."

How GroomArts changed my life

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