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Affording Your Course

Your Funding Options

When you are looking at investing in your future sometimes the costs seem a little scary. However, there are options you can take to help kick-start your future and reach your goals. 

Not everybody has the income or savings to put money towards becoming more qualified, more skilled and investing in a better future without a little help. Here are some options you can consider

  • Course Fee Repayment Plan Option

    We have available a repayment plan available to all students where you can spread the cost of your course across 2-12 months interest and fee free. Simply secure your space with a £495.00 deposit and start studying today!

  • Start- Up Loans

    If you’re looking beyond the funds of your course, you can also consider a government start up loan. You’ll need to meet their criteria but can be eligible for loans between £500 and £25000, which can be paid back at a rate of 6% over 1 to 5 years. Find out more here.

  • Local Business Enterprise Start up Loans

    Have a look if there are any local business enterprises in your area that offer start up loans to new SME (small-medium) businesses. Often these business enterprises will also have mentors who can help advise and support you in your early days.

  • Credit Cards

    Most students looking into funding options have been successful in paying for all or part of their course with a low interest credit card.

    Websites such as and will do a credit search on you to match you to credit cards and loans.

  • DSA

    Disabled Student Allowances can grant additional income and bursaries to those that are eligible. If you have a DSA, you can let them know that you are taking a course with us. After liaising with us for confirmation, they will assess to see what finances you can be granted to help fund your course. If you require this information, please let us know before, as we may need to provide additional support for you throughout the course for an additional cost. The DSA can help to cover this. Find out more here

  • The Credit Union

    The Credit Union is another form of loan. Your repayment rates (including APR) are based on your credit score.

  • Turn2Us

    Turn2Us is a national charity that helps advise you as to what financial help you can get - based on your individual circumstances. They can advise you on what benefits you could receive or what grants you are eligible to apply for.

  • New Enterprise Allowance (NEA)

    If you or your partner receive JSA, Income Support or Universal Credit you could be eligible for the NEA. All you need to do is submit a business plan outlining what you want to do. Have a chat with your work coach to see if this is possible for you.

Your Training Budget

So you’ve decided to follow a career in dog grooming. This is an amazing step and it is important to be aware of the investment that you can put into your career. 

This might require planning and forward thinking, but can lead to a highly successful career. This document will breakdown the basic areas of costs and also allow you to think slightly beyond the course and into the next stage of your journey. 

For more specifics, please visit our Course page to work out the costs for your needs and your ambitions for success.

  • The Course

    This will generally be the main bulk of your cost but the biggest investment into your future should be your learning. You have the best staff teaching you skills that go so much further than the qualification to make sure you come out with the greatest chance for success.

  • Workshops

    It is important to consider continuing your development after your main learning. Continuing Professional Development and building your business skills and knowledge can turn your passion into a viable, profitable business.

  • Scissors

    Having the right scissors early on in your journey is so important. This is an extension of your arm for the majority of the time that you are working. Having something that is yours, that you look after and is suitable for your ability can make a real difference to the finish on your groom. We have our own Groomarts brand of scissors, prices start at £130

  • Ongoing support

    It’s not just the process of the course or even further training that needs to be considered. When you enter the grooming world and try to stand on your own two feet, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to turn next.

    Making the right choices and making sure your knowledge is always up to date is really important in making your business work. By joining our future support service, you can protect yourself from the pitfalls of an ever-changing market and give yourself the greatest chances of immediate success with the highest standards.

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