Weekend iPET Network Level 3 Diploma for Dog Grooming (Ofqual Regulated Qualification)

The iPET Network Qualifications Level 3 Dog Grooming course is designed to create passionate and professional dog groomers. The course enables students to learn and understand what it takes to become an effective pet groomer and (if you wish) a self starting business owner. The qualification is Ofqual approved and is a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) with the same credits as other NVQ Level 3 qualifications. The Level 3 iPET Network is the new and improved industry standard and covers all the bases for kicking of your career in the pet grooming industry.

This course is for people who are 1) Passionate about pets. 2) Serious about starting an exciting new career. 3) Confident self starters with a passion to learn. Our award-winning tutors will build your knowledge, skills and confidence regardless of your ambitions in the industry.

This course runs an for 4 days per month, this on on Saturday and Sunday on alternative weekends. The total run time for the course is approximately 20 weeks. Days may be adjusted to meet learner requirements and additional time added by the Academy Director.

Although this is a weekend course, it’s no walk in the dog park. In order to train you properly and push you to be the best dog groomer you can be, each day is filled to the max with both hands on practical lessons and informative theory courses. All designed to make you an effective and commercially viable dog groomer.

In order to meet the criteria to pass the Level 3 iPET Network you will have to produce a portfolio of pets you have successfully groomed. But don’t worry you’ll be surrounded by a highly experienced team of teachers who will guide you to create a high quality portfolio of work. Since the Level 3 iPET Network is based on your portfolio, there is no written exam at the end! Rewarding consistent effort and hard work.


Due to the limited availability and increased costs, this programme cannot be discounted and we do require all students to either set up a payment plan or settle the balance in full. No government funding can be accepted. 

This is the full iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and follows the same learner journey as our Intensive programme but is spread over approximately 20 weeks.

Please do consider our Intensive study option for a more affordable option, this does require 4-weeks, Monday-Friday, 9:00-18:00 study but you will have completed all your practical training for the Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming. Payment plans are available for this study method on the same basis as above but the course costs only £4950.00 (£495.00 deposit and 6 x Monthly Payments of £742.50.

What you'll learn on your Weekend AIM Qualifications Level 3 Dog Grooming Course

Canine first aid

Carry out styling and finishing of dogs

Health checking a dog by a dog groomer

Promote and maintain the health and well-being of animals

Welcome, receive and care for customers

Assessing, planning and recording your dog grooming work

What is an AIM Level 3 diploma equivalent to?

iPET Network awards credits at different levels, with each level indicating a different level of difficulty. An iPET Network Qualifications Level 3 Diploma is a National Certificate that is equivalent to a Grade A-C at A-level and other Advanced Level qualifications, such as Level 3 NVQs or BTECs. Unlike some other awarding bodies, the previous level does not need to be completed in order to undertake a level 3 course. 

Why is this AIM Level 3 grooming qualification different to other courses?

The Open College Network and City and Guilds are both Awarding bodies that are regulated under Ofqual (The national qualifications regulator). They are both recognised by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and offer a large variety of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ). Both offer qualifications that are recognised throughout 182 countries worldwide. 

The iPET Network Qualifications Level 3 Diploma is identical to the City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in terms of the national standard for education within the sector and they are identical in terms of the educational credits.

So, where do iPET Network Qualifications and City & Guilds differ?  

The key differences are that City & Guilds requires the student to have attained the Level 2 qualification prior to acceptance onto the Level 3 Diploma course. Additionally, the student will be required to sit an external exam in a centre which is available at only two points in the year (June and November).

In contrast the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma does not require the student to have attained the Level 2 in order to be accepted on to the Level 3 Diploma course. There is also slightly more emphasis on your practical skills and critically the course is portfolio-based which means that you will only be assessed on the quality of your work and will not have to sit a final exam. So, when you have completed your portfolio and your assignments then your work will be submitted to the awarding body for approval.

What you'll get from the AIM Qualifications Level 3 Dog Grooming course

Complete Beginner to Qualified Groomer & Business Owner

Theory of 5 book by Melissa Verplanck to help with your shaping and styling

A Groomarts Pro Certification and access to our Graduate Support Programme

AIM Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming (Industry recognised professional standard for Dog Groomers)

Industry Leading Training Course & CPD Developed by Master Groomer, Laura Campanella

Perfect Combination of Commercial and Grooming Skills to make your business a success


The course runs for 20 days, typically Saturday and Sunday on alternative weekends for approximately 20 weeks. The choice of course dates can be found at the bottom of the page. There is one group and it runs from 9:00am through to 6:00pm.

All lessons are held at our spacious academy or training suite both in London Colney, Hertfordshire.

What you'll need to buy

We require students to buy their own scissors so that they can get used to their own equipment. You do not need to buy these before you join us, we have our own professional range of scissors which you can purchase from shop.groomarts.com or at the academy. You use your scissors every day so invest in them!

All other equipment we will provide during your course.

Professional Range of Scissors

Frequently Asked Questions

Leaders in Practical Dog Grooming Training

What qualification will I receive?

This Practical Dog Grooming Course Includes an AIM Qualification Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming. The Industry standard for dog groomers. We have developed a bespoke programme that far exceeds the learning objectives of the qualification. This course will teach you both how to be a skilled dog groomer and the commercial skills needed to launch your own dog grooming business.

Is the qualification internationally recognised?

Yes, in 182 countries. The qualification is assessed in English but adaptions can be made for non-native speakers or those who struggle with the assessments to a more suitable method. e.g. we can record conversations demonstrating knowledge oppose to written submissions if deemed appropriate by the Academy Manager.

Will this qualification allow me to get a job or run a business?

Yes, a Level 3 Diploma will fully qualify you to do all aspects of grooming, as well as allowing you to run your own business or seek employment elsewhere if you wish. We have over 1400 graduates and often have vacancies at salons we can recommend, this are typically across the UK.

Is funding available?

Typically funding is no available for this qualification due to the demand. We do offer payment plans over 6 months, these are interest free and require a credit or debit card.

What qualifications do I need?

No prior qualifications are necessary. If you have any concerns or think you would benefit from a supported learning plan, then simply get in touch and we can talk through the reasonable adaptions that are possible.

How often do the courses run?

This year, we are running two intakes, one starts in January 2023 and is fully booked, the other starts in July 2023 and is accepting enrolments but will be capped at a maximum of 5 students.

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