iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid

Course & Qualification in Dog First Aid for Dog Groomers and Dog Professionals.

Course Overview:

The iPET Network Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid, offered by Groomarts Academy, is a vital qualification tailored for professionals working with dogs. This comprehensive course covers essential topics such as treating injuries, allergic reactions, CPR, and more, equipping dog handlers with the necessary skills to handle emergencies effectively.

Who Should Enroll?

This course is ideal for Dog Handlers, Canine Care Professionals, Veterinary Assistants, and anyone working with dogs in a professional capacity.

Key Features for Dog Groomer First Aid Course:

Understanding the objectives of first aid for dogs

Managing canine behaviour in emergency situations

Performing primary surveys like DR ABC and monitoring vital signs

Handling and treating injured dogs, including managing shock

Practising CPR techniques and applying bandages

Recognising and responding to various dog emergencies such as choking, poisoning, and more

Creating and maintaining a canine first aid kit and improving communication skills in emergencies

Entry Criteria:

Applicants must have a basic understanding of canine care and handling. No prior first aid certifications are required.

Location and Method of Study:

Location: This course is available for study at Groomarts Academy locations throughout the UK.

Method of Study: The course is delivered through a combination of 6 hours face-to-face practical sessions and 3 hours for feedback and independent tasks.

Assessment Methods:

Assessment for this qualification includes:Practical assessments: Demonstrating first aid techniques on canine mannequins.Written assessments: Evaluating theoretical knowledge through written tests.Scenario-based assessments: Simulating real-life emergencies to assess response and decision-making skills.

Certification Timeline:

Upon successful completion, certifications are sent within 4 weeks to acknowledge the achievement and qualification earned.

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