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So... life has been interesting of late to say the least...

Without being politically assuaged in any way, it's fair to say that the choices of the country and in fact the world have had a huge impact on us all. We've all felt the pinch and all have time to self-reflect and act on our thoughts.

For some, it's meant strict new regulations in working, for others working from home, for some it's meant the loss of a job or much shorter hours. It's meant chaos, panic and also a time for a bit of prioritising and realignment.

There's a lot less focus on the day-to-day trudge that we sometimes get lost in and it's now a collective effort on staying happy, healthy and engaged.

This reflection leads to a question; why haven't we been more active in making sure our lives are happy, healthy and we're doing something that truly engages us anyway??

Now is a truly testing time but it also is an opportunity to take a look at what is really important. How many people can look at their lives at say they can really appreciate the important things on a daily basis?

We're not saying every day is going to be filled with sunshine and happiness beaming out of every orifice. There will still be bills to pay, people will still have troubles and with one obstacle overcome, there will be another challenge ahead. Do you want to focus on the obstacles and bury your head in the sand or do you want to think about the opportunities you have now to be happy, healthy and successful?

We are absolutely saying that for us, since we've been dealt with a horrible tragedy during 2020, it appears that recognition and appreciation of important things have become much more prominent.

The question is, in your day-to-day life, are you able to say the following? 

  1. You can appreciate the feeling of being healthy, not just physically but also mentally.
  2. You get to feel like you are doing something that is appreciated by individuals and what you do genuinely brings a smile to people's faces (including your own)
  3. You have a balance between work and home; you get to be career focused but also importantly, get to appreciate time with either friends or family and simple things like fresh air and blue skies.
  4. You feel a sense of connection. This has been a very lonely point for many and it only reinforces the idea that you need to be grateful for the bonds and connections you can make with friends, family, pets, clients or whoever you encounter.
  5. You end your day feeling satisfied. Satisfied that you have a purpose and are proud of yourself and what you do.

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, right now, you'll be a hero in the NHS or you'll be king of the sofa, knowing that when it's possible to be back in work, you're doing something that makes you happy.

If you can't answer yes to all of these questions then now is the time to look at what future you want for yourself. Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to design your own career? Do you want to work the hours you choose?

Making changes can be a challenge but being able to do something that's worthwhile and gives you the life that makes you spring out of bed each morning is a change worth making. When do you want your happy future to begin?

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