Essential Puppy Care Guide

Learn how to groom and nurture your puppy

The Essential Puppy Care Guide is for anyone who has a puppy or is thinking about getting one. This guide is going to teach you everything you need to know about looking after a puppy in the best possible way and will show you how to be a knowledgeable and caring owner to your new friend with EASE and FUN! 

Laura will provide you with insider tips, tricks and advice on coat, nail, nutrition, behaviour, tools, equipment, grooming, playing, exercising, and much more, so that you can provide better care of your puppy and have fun in the same time!

Advice for new puppy owners

In this video Laura is going to give you tips and advice on becoming a new puppy owner and will be sharing with you her puppy knowledge to prepare you for your new friend!

Laura is sharing some amazing puppy advice with you from choosing the right puppy that will best suit your lifestyle, taking care of a new puppy and training it in the right way, how to manage your finances and prepare you for the costs of a puppy, and giving you expert tips on grooming your pup from home and at the salon.

Video: New Puppy Owner Advice

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Puppy's first home groom

In this video Laura is giving Dash, the Cavapoo his first home groom, and introducing him to all of the new grooming actions and equipment!

It is extremely important to groom your puppy yourself at home and get them used to being groomed before they go to the groomers. Bit by bit you can start to introduce little grooms as they grow up like clipping the nails, giving it a bath, brushing its coat and drying their fur - this means that when they go for their first groom they will calm and not anxious or scared or unhappy, because they are used to it.

Video: Puppy's First Groom

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Introducing a puppy to a salon

In this video Laura will be showing you how she introduces a new puppy into her salon.

These are tips that pet owners can carry out at home before taking their puppy to a salon or tips that groomers can do once they receive a new puppy into their salon.

We will be introducing the puppy to new sounds, smells and feelings, introducing it to the grooming equipment like brushes and clippers, so that when it goes for its first proper groom the puppy will be well prepared and used to all the senses.

Video: Introducing a Puppy to a Salon

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Puppy's first salon groom

Puppy's still need to go to the salon whether that is for a groom, a check up or a simple wash and dry - they still need professional treatment and care, and it's a good idea to get your puppy used to the salon as early on as possible.

Puppy's can go for their first salon groom anytime after they have received all of their jabs, so this can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 months after you first get them.

A lot of puppy owners want their puppy to stay as round and as cute and fluffy as possible, the "puppy look", and in this video Laura is showing you a very simple and quick puppy cut groom for any first time puppy customer.

Video: Puppy's First Salon Groom

Blog: How to groom a puppy for the first time

Essential Puppy Care Guide

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