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Every owner is a loving and caring one, and we know that your dog, cat and alike are being looked after properly. These videos are going to help guide that love and care you have for your pets to a more knowledgable place, so that you can do the right things that will make your pet feel comfortable and happy. 

We want to help make your life easier by reducing the time and energy spent looking after your pet and give you more time to spend loving them and being loved by them. The more grooming you can do for your dog yourself at home the healthier they will be and the stronger the relationship you have with them will be. 

Laura's videos are going to help you learn how to easily groom and look after your pet in the right way so that you can keep them healthy, happy and comfortable at all times. We know that times are strange right now but we hope that with Laura's videos, her knowledge and positive energy, you can have an amazing time and care free time looking after your pet and yourself! 

We all need to help look after each other! 

Pet Owner Video Series

How to clip your dog's nails safely at home

Learn how to clip your dog's nails yourself at home, safely and professionally with this video. Laura Campanella will show you how to professionally clip your dog's nails so that you feel safe and confident doing it yourself at home. Laura will show you the equipment you need, the best way to handle your pet during the process, what to be careful of and what to know before you start, and the correct way to carry out the clipping action so that you and your pet is safe and happy.

Video: How to Clip Dog's Nails

Blog: How to trim your dog's nails

How to clean your dog's ears and why it's important

Learn how to professionally clean and check your dog's ears. This an essential part of dog grooming and is extremely important to your dogs health and wellbeing. From this video you will learn the correct way to check your dog's ears for infection, how to regularly clean them and if they need plucking Laura will show you how. Laura will also explain why it is important to do this in order to keep your dog safe, healthy and happy.

Video: How to Clean your Dog's Ears

How to bath your dog at home and what you need to know

In this video Laura will show you how the correct way to wash your dog so that you can very easily replicate a salon wash and have your dog looking great and smelling fresh for longer! Laura will show you the equipment and products you can use to help make the process hassle free and what techniques to use to achieve an optimal clean.

Video: How to Give your Dog a Salon Wash Video

How to properly dry your dog using a hairdryer and brush

In this video Laura will show you how to properly dry your dog with a hairdryer in order to ensure an even, dry and damp free finish. You will learn how to handle and manage your dog during the drying process so that the task is as easy as possible, how to brush and dry at the same time to ensure no matting, and how to do the job quickly with as little hassle and strain on you or your dog. It is important to make sure that all the fur on your dog is dry before finishing, if the any part of the dog is left damp then this could risk the dog catching a cold, or the fur will start to smell and it will leave a bad smell around the house.

How to Properly Dry your Dog

How to carry out a pet health check

In this video Laura will teach you how to carry out a professional health check on your pet so that you know how to identify any basic health issues, spot illnesses or problems before they become dangerous and can actively know how to keep your dog healthy and safe in-between salon visits. You will learn what to look out for, how to identify any issues and how to carry out a health check professionally on your own dog.

How to Carry Out a Pet Health Check

Every month Laura will be producing more and more videos for you to watch and learn from. We have videos coming that look specifically at different dog breeds and how they need different grooming and treatment, we will look at dogs behaviours and how different breeds might need different training or products, and we will be looking at all the products that Laura recommends buying for your pets. 

If you have any questions about dog grooming, and if there are any specific videos you would like us to make, then please send us an email and we would be more than happy to help. The best person to content is:

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