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Make learning fun and be rewarded with a healthy smile. 

It's the experience of our teacher and the depth of knowledge you will learn in bite sized mouthfuls that sets our online courses a part from the other online pet grooming and care resources out there. Our online courses cannot substitute for practical time and training spent with pets and cannot override a professional qualification. What they can do is provide you with additional learning, additional training and education that can either excel your existing knowledge or provide you with a competitive head start. Our online courses are an excellent way to develop your knowledge and experience, and a great space to gain trustworthy and relevant advice to appropriate pet care. 

Laura Campanella

Laura Campanella, Academy Director at groomarts and International Grooming Superstar, has decided to share her grooming knowledge and expertise with the wider world and has set up the groomarts e-learning school, offering online courses for pet owners and pet professionals. On a mission to raise pet care and grooming standards, these online courses offer the opportunity for anyone interested in gaining exceptional, trustworthy and dedicated education, advice and knowledge on pet welfare and grooming to do so. Instructed by Laura and accompanied by demonstration videos, our e-learning courses are fun, interesting and easy to learn from.

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Pet Owners

For pet owners these courses will bring you closer to the animals in your lives and give you the opportunity to give back the love, care and affection they give to you everyday. Through tiny acts of care and love presented in affectionate grooming and nursing your pet is going to look and feel amazing. Learning more about your pets and how to look after them uniquely will bring you closer to them and makes it easier to ensure a healthy and happy companion.

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Pet Professionals

For pet professionals these online courses will not offer you a qualification nor will they substitute or replace the benefit of practical time spent with pets, but they will offer you additional education and training that you won't find anywhere else. We tell our students all the time to never stop learning and developing yourself; new skills, techniques and styles come out all the time, so staying active in your pursuit of knowledge is so important to becoming a successful groomer.

These online courses will be providing relevant, up-to-date and commercially-focused teaching, and are an excellent way to stay on-top of competition and set yourself a part.

There is only so much theory you can learn in 4 weeks, and these online courses will expand your knowledge not just on pet care and grooming but also business and career growth.

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Career Starters

For the career changers, starters, and thinkers out there (and for those that just love animals) these courses are a great way to learn more about the animal kingdom and the pet care and grooming industry. We offer a multitude of free courses that can help you groom your pets at home, learn about the basics and become a more knowledgeable carer. Our 100+ paid courses offer you the opportunity to kickstart your career and future in a really positive and knowledgeable way. Experience and knowledge is invaluable in this industry and the more studying and learning you do the better opportunity to have at succeeding, and being happy.

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Come along with us on our journey through the pet kingdom.

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