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Find out the new routes to funding for your training.

Here at the academy we frequently receive enquiries on the various finance and funding options for your training and education. Sometimes changes to the rules can be quite slight and sometimes really significant but the most important thing is to be completely aware of the facts so that you can make an informed  choice. This articles explains all the updated information regarding potential funding opportunities for education and training at the academy.

Making an invest from your own funds.

Sometimes the easiest way to start your training is simply to use your own funds to invest in yourself. However, did you know that the cost of your course could be tax-deductible? There is an in-depth article that explains the position HERE

Here is a short excerpt:

“...1. Sole traders or partnerships

HMRC takes the stance that you have to look at the existing trade and provided the training is undertaken to update your skills and professional expertise then this expenditure is normally tax deductible. …"


This is a government based website that help give advice to help you apply for funding and benefits if you have a child or other responsibilities to consider but want to train.

City and Guilds

They offer a direct bursary that you can apply for any course provided by a City and Guilds centre. Go to their website for terms and conditions on eligibility. Some courses also have funding specific to the training and education centre.


GroomArts Academy is on the Skills Funding Agency Register Of Training Organisations (SFA ROTO) as a tier-1 centre. This means that we have been approved by the skills funding agency and can provide funding through the adult education board. Each course differs in its provision of funding and also can be means and age tested. Our UKPRN is 10042662 and we are on the register as GroomArts PB ltd. You must use this exact detail when requested to be eligible for funding. You apply directly via the national careers service or

The Advanced learners loan

  • This has been amalgamated under the Adult Education Board, so the funding comes from a central unit. You apply directly to the government and they will ask specifically for course details. You will need the following:
    • Course code
    • Course title
    • Course centre number
    • Approval for funding from the education body
    • Course fees
    • Course duration
    • Student enrolment number (this is available, but only when you have paid a deposit for the course and agree to our terms and conditions.
  • All of our City & Guilds level 2 courses are eligible for funding to 16-19 year olds as long as you haven't previously completed a higher level qualification.
  • All Level 3 courses that we offer (outside of 7763-03) have funding available from the government but will require an individual application and you cannot be completing a level 4 qualification or have completed a level 4 qualification. (The application is processed on a means tested basis and if eligible then you will receive a proportion of the course fees).
  • Our 7513 Level 3 Diploma in Social media and digital marketing course has funding available which isn't means tested and this funding is available conditional to you completing the qualification, taking all of the modules to complete the course. You are required to complete this within a 2 year period.
  • Our Level 4 Diploma in Business and Professional Administration course is not means tested and all adults are eligible for funding for this.

Upon approval, your fees will be paid directly to GroomArts Academy, which will confirm your place on each course applied for.

General course funding information

Dog grooming course information

  • 7763-02 - dog grooming qualification for dog grooming assistants. The level 2 course has funding available for 16-19 year olds.
  • 7763-03 - Certificate/Diploma for dog grooming: This course isn’t currently funded outside of a bursary through city and Guilds
  • 7863-03 Diploma in dog grooming has funding available through City & Guilds on a case by case basis. Further news will be available in the next coming month.

Course title, code, fees and duration

  • City and Guilds level 3 certificate for introductory pet stylists 7763-03, £3700, 200 GLH
  • City and Guilds level 2 certificate for dog grooming assistants 7763-02, £1250, 150 GLH
  • City and Guilds level 3 diploma in dog grooming 7863-03, £4000, 300 GLH
  • City and Guilds level 4 diploma in business and professional administration 4710-04, £4200, 250 GLH
  • City and Guilds level 3 diploma in social media and digital marketing 7513-03, £1890, 250 GLH
  • Course Centre number: 006546
  • ROTO/UKPRN: 10042662
  • The course enrolment number will be given when the deposit has been paid and terms and conditions accepted.

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