Choosing a groomer: Equipment and products

RSPCA Companion Animal Pet Care Fact Sheet

Drying equipment

The RSPCA has concerns about the safety of drying equipment for dogs, particularly drying boxes (some examples are pictured), and their potential to cause suffering and distress to animals, particularly the compromise to a dog's ability to control his or her own body temperature. In these machines, a dog is unable to remove his/herself from the heat source even if supervised.

There is also a danger that equipment may either be faulty or that staff do not set the box at the correct temperature. There have been recent cases in the UK of dogs suffering serious injuries and even fatalities after using grooming equipment that does not provide control over the dog’s temperature. In such boxes, there is the potential for temperatures to rise quickly to unacceptable levels for a dog and, coupled with the potential stress of the animal, would make body temperatures rise even faster, resulting in extremely dangerous conditions for the dog.

Other equipment

Make sure that you are satisfied that all grooming equipment is well looked after and regularly serviced. Ask to see certificates as proof and have a good look around the establishment. Ask about what equipment is being used and for what purpose.

Grooming products

A good groomer will also use quality products that will not risk the health of your dog. Be confident that your groomer uses quality-controlled professional products that do not compromise your pet’s welfare and are specially formulated if necessary (e.g. the right pH for use with dogs).

Anything can be an allergen; an allergic reaction would make itself known within 24 hours. Be sure to discuss any specific requirements with your groomer and they should be able to recommend a product that is right for your dog.

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