How to Use a Dog/Pet Grooming Table

Designed to be a part of the grooming process and are used by most professional groomers.

Dog grooming tables are designed to be a part of the grooming process and are used by most professional groomers. If you are considering whether to look at dog grooming tables for home use, there are a number of advantages to consider before making a decision.

Benefits of Dog Grooming Tables

  • Convenience
    The table automatically puts your dog at a convenient height for grooming. You don’t have to learn over or try to awkwardly groom your dog while he or she is in your lap. Instead, the grooming table puts the dog at the perfect height for grooming.
  • Safety
    Virtually all dog grooming tables come with some type of non-slip surface – don’t purchase one unless there is ribbed padding or some type of cover that is easy for your dog to grip. Your dog will be wet and can slip and slide if the surface isn’t safe. Additionally, many grooming tables come with a metal arm and noose that can be used to keep your dog safely in place during the grooming.
  • Step on, step off
    With either hydraulic or electric dog grooming tables, you can lower the table almost all the way to the floor. This is a great feature for a dog that’s heavy or is feeling a little panicky or stressed. Instead of using force to carry the dog to the grooming location, you simply use a leash to walk the dog onto the table. When the grooming is over, lower the table and have the dog walk off.

Types of Dog Grooming Tables

  • Foldable table
    This is generally the least expensive type of table and is often used in the homes of pet owners. These legs are not always adjustable, meaning this type of dog grooming table is not the first choice for professional groomers, who want a table to adjust to the dog being groomed.
  • Trolley table 
    The trolley table is a collapsible table with wheels, making it a popular choice with mobile pet groomers who work in their client’s homes. The table is adjustable, so it can match up the height of the groomer with the particular dog being groomed, preventing backaches from having to bend over during the entire grooming process.
  • Hydraulic table
    A pedal operates the table, which moves by means of fluid pressure. The hydraulic table is generally the most expensive type of table and is favored by many groomers because the table can be adjusted with a pedal control, which leaves the groomer’s hands free at all times. Make sure you know how far down to the floor the table will move. Many groomers like to use hydraulic tables as an easy way to get the dog onto the grooming table.
  • Electric table
    These dog grooming tables also are popular with groomers, moving up and down much like hydraulic tables, but relying on electricity and a switch or control.

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