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How to Start Your Own Business

    Starting a pet services business.

    So, you want to start a pet grooming/ pet services business.​You’ve found a career where you can do a job that you love but how can you make sure that your new business will be a success?

    Who are your Customers?

    How will you reach them?

    How will you make money?

    Who is this workshop for?

    This one–day workshop is aimed at people who want to start a dog grooming business, start a dog walking business or have pet business ideas and want to know how to start your business.

    Workshop overview

    • The London Colney workshop is conducted by Leo Cunningham. He has over twenty five years experience as a communications and brand strategist. He understands how to get to the heart of what you really need to know to be a success.
    • Formal elements, like if and when to prepare a business plan, marketing, creating financial forecasts and raising finance are summarised, but more than that, this workshop has been designed to get you moving and be an inspirational springboard.
    • We will also visit the 5 Key questions of Why, Who, How, What and When that will help to define your business with purpose and clarity.

    Define your busines


    Why are you starting your business right now? Define YOUR reason and the purpose of the business? People don’t buy what you sell they buy WHY you sell it.


    How well can you define your target audience? What do you know about them? How can you find out more? Why will they buy from you rather than your competitors?


    How will you deliver your services to your client and how will they discover and talk about you?


    What services/products will you sell to your audience? What makes them so special to your audience?


    When will you offer your products/services to your customers? When will they discover about what you offer? When will they buy from you?

    Assist Support Resources

    When you sign up to this workshop, you will get a login to a section of our Assist Resource Library specifically designed to help you start your business.

    Startup Guides: The essential guide to starting a business

    Essential Advice: Career changing advice

    Essential Advice: Pet Grooming Employment options

    Essential Advice: Finding the right premises

    Essential Advice: How much can i earn?

    Essential Advice: Planning permission HOWTO

    Essential Advice: Pet Grooming start up costs

    Marketing: Define your Products and services

    Marketing: Develop your personas.

    Marketing: Market research reports

    Marketing: Planning and budget template

    Marketing: The Buying Cycle

    Marketing: The essential marketing guide

    Finance: Startup finance signpost

    Finance: Annual marketing budget template

    Finance: Cash flow forecast template

    Finance: Sales Forecast template

    Finance: Startup costs template

    Finance: Profit and Loss template

    Business: Plans: Example plans

    Business Plans: The essential business plan guide

    Business Launch guide: planning advice

    Business Launch: Promoting your salon

    Business Launch: Advertising communications best practice

    Checklists: 6 Month, 2 Month, 1 Month guides.

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