Keeping you and your dogs safe at home

Testing your covid-19 canine understanding

During this tough time, we want to make a difference and work together to help fight covid-19, keeping everyone safe and happy that we possibly can. No matter where we are, we all have families and loved ones that are affected. This is why these quizzes will not only help you keep safe and healthy along with your pets but also, a percentage of all money coming in will go towards helping the most vulnerable during this time.

Together we can make a stand and will be producing more and more content to help keep you entertained and informed for this tough time and also for the future.

What this course entails

At this key time, this is a very simple and vital way of looking after your family if you have a pet. This will allow you to test your knowledge of some of the key areas required to keep you and your dog safe during the outbreak and staying at home.

We test your knowledge on exercise, nutrition, distancing, play and importantly, we want to look after everyone's welfare!

Why it's important

This really helps you get to grips with minimised risk and potential isolation during the outbreak but also gives you tips and information that will help you in future. When you have an understanding of how to maintain your pet and their needs during this time, you'll be able to keep both your pet and yourself happy and healthy both now and in future.

Test yourself as many times as you wish and remember that every time someone purchases these quizzes, money goes directly towards tackling this virus and the impact it has globally.

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