*Due to social distancing, we're encouraging visits until further notice*

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In light of the current health concerns, we've taken steps to minimise any potential health risks. We want to ensure that you are happy, healthy and able to get the most out of your day and get excited for your new career options. 

We'll continue to give you the best advice and best service and that means putting your health first.

Please come through our doors for a visit and we'll give you a personal tour and let you see the Academy in action, safeguarding against risk and reassuring you that you can successfully run your business in the current climate.

We look forward to seeing you soon, so talk to us to book a time!

    What you'll learn

    Who we are

    What we do

    How we can help you before, during and after your course

    What the course entails

    What your options are

    How you can have a career doing something you love

    What course is best for you

    What funding options are available to you

    How we can help set up your business

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is it?

    On a Saturday from 12pm – 3pm approximately. In the current climate we book approximately 1 hour tours during weekdays and let you see the Academy in real action!

    How does the day run?

    There are brief talks from members of staff to go through your options; then we have a tour of our facilities, light refreshments and a Q&A session.

    What will I get out of the day?

    You will learn what your options are in the world of dog grooming, how you can build your business, what course would be right for you and so much more.

    Can I bring a plus one?

    Yes, and they don’t need to buy a ticket if they’re not interested in the course. Please do not bring your own dogs though.

    Will I be able to sign up for a course on the day?

    Yes! We also run special promotions for our Open Day students, so we always recommend taking advantage of them.

    What you need to bring

    All you need to bring with you is a shed load of questions and a smiling face!

    We want to help you make the right decision for a future life you'll love.

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