Dog Health and Nutrition Courses Online - NVQ Level 3

Understanding how big a role diet plays in dog health

    What the course entails

    Get the professional knowledge and reassurance you need to provide the best food and advice for your customers or even just giving the right food to your own dogs. This is the joint most popular course right now and there are 3 options to the delivery of this fantastic course.

    What you'll learn

    Canine Health

    What exactly does a healthy dog look like and how big a role does diet play?

    What is Good Nutrition?

    What is a balanced diet for my dog and who actually can give good nutritional advice?

    The Use of Supplements

    What are the pros and cons of supplements as part of a canine diet?

    Nutritional Deficiencies and Needs

    What problems can happen from a poor diet and what do I need to give a dog to resolve that?

    Processing Food and Metabolism

    How is food actually processed and why does it matter?

    Canine First Aid Essentials

    What's the law? What are we qualified to do? How can I deal with the most common first aid issues for a dog?

    Exercise and Nutrition

    How much exercise does my dog need and how does this affect their diet and their behaviour?

    Managing a Puppy

    How does nutrition play such an important part in helping my puppy grow up happily?

    Managing Senior Health

    How can I use diet to keep my dog as healthy as possible for as long as possible?

    Organic Food and Useful Tips

    What is Raw Feeding and is it something I should use? How can I understand diet to either make money or save money?

    Option 1 Anywhere, anytime.

    Learn everything you need with our comprehensive e-learning platform, with up-to-date and approved information that updates with the latest reliable information.

    Option 2 - Health and Nutrition within the Pet Service Industry

    Take the next step up and enjoy our detailed seminar, webinar and Q&A session from our industry experts. We have set dates where you can come and learn even more to apply this knowledge to the highest potential. Build your knowledge and learn how nutritional advice can improve the health of a dog, the happiness of a customer and the return on your investment.

    Option 3 - get your dietary package off to the right start.

    For anyone that signs up for our elite package, they will also have discounted high quality nutritional products as well as our seminar and e-learning.

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