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Increasing Revenue and Profits

    Increasing Revenue and Profits in Your Business

    This course has been designed to help you to understand the foundations of increasing revenue, cutting costs and generating profits. 

    Who is it for?

    This one-day workshop is aimed at small business owners who want to discover niche techniques to help them increase revenue and profits.

    Although there are no prior learning requirements, those who have previously attended the “Know your customers” workshop will have a distinct advantage.


    How do you generate more income for your small business? Perhaps you might consider increasing the volume of your output or maybe adding more services or products to your business offering. But how do you know if something will generate enough interest? What will be the impact on your costs? Will you need more staff? How do you know if the pricing is correct? How many sales will you need to make a profit? How will you attract customers?  

    What you will learn

    Learn how to work out which ideas will work on those that will fail

    Learn how to conduct preliminary market research

    Learn the methods to attracts customers and increase footfall

    You will understand how to set a competitive pricing strategy

    Discover ways to increase profits by make cost savings

    Discover new sales techniques that tap directly into your customer’s needs

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