One Day Professional Dog Grooming Course

Fees refunded if Level 3 Diploma is booked within 6 months

This course is ideal for anyone considering a career in dog grooming and wants to be sure they're making the right decision. It's designed to give students an overview of pet styling and an insight into the world of a professional stylist. It's a great way to experience what life would be like as a dog groomer.
Please note: this course is not suitable for those who only want to learn how to groom their own dogs.

What you'll learn on your one day dog grooming course

General introduction to dog grooming and why it's important

An overview of the different types of coats

Bathing: what products you use, why you use them and what techniques are used

Drying and brushing techniques

Understanding nails and clipping

Hygienic cleaning: the importance of anal gland expression, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning

Introduction to grooming equipment

Basic clipper techniques

Demonstration of shaping techniques using clippers and scissors

Frequently Asked Questions about the 1 Day Dog Grooming Course

How long is it?

On a Saturday from 10am – 4pm approximately

How does the day run?

We cover the basics of tools and equipment in the first part of the day, and then in the afternoon you’ll have a dog to work on!

What will I learn?

Washing, bathing and some basic clipping. We also cover ear hair removal and cutting nails

Is this course suitable if I just want to learn how to groom my own dog?

No, this course is designed for people looking to change careers to give them an idea of life as a dog groomer

What are my options after the day?

You can continue your studies with us to become a professional dog groomer – we’re happy to go through personalised options with you on the day

Do you run any promotions?

Yes! If you sign up for a Level 3 course on the day of your 1 Day Introduction we will offset the cost of your Introduction against your course fees

What to bring to the grooming course

Flat soled, comfortable shoes
Relaxed and comfortable clothes
A notebook and pen

Dog grooming equipment

You are not required to bring anything with you as all professional equipment and protective clothing will be supplied.

Student reviews of GroomArts Academy's one day course

Terence's story

After completing my course I was already fully booked with appointments for my first two weeks of business so literally hit the ground running straight away and it took off!

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