Dog and Cat Halloween Costume Ideas for you and the family this 2021

Halloween is one of those annual holidays that everybody loves to celebrate. It’s a fierce and fun way to welcome in the winter season and kickstart that short trip to Christmas and the new year. If you’re someone who enjoys dressing up for Halloween, then you will definitely enjoy dressing your furry little friend up as well, and this year we are in for some pet friendly costume treats! As dressing up your pet in a cute little outfit definitely seems like the newest loved party trick. 

Here are some of our favourite pet friendly costume ideas for Halloween in 2021. 

Halloween Chucky Costume for Dogs

Okay, so you must have seen the costumes going round for dogs where the front makes them look like they've got little legs? Well those are by far the most popular costume idea for pets this year. We’ve seen some really funny, scary and cute ones around. The most fitting for Halloween, we’d say, is the Chucky one. It’s pretty terrifying(ly cute). Here’s Paxton, our teacher Becci’s wonderful Fox Terrier, sporting it for halloween this year!

Pumpkin Halloween Costume for Dogs and Cats

An easy, cheerful and cheap favourite for a lot of dog and cat owners is the pumpkin patch bodysuit. This costume is sure to get a lot of “aw’s” and “oh’s” from the neighbours, especially if you and the family are all rocking the same pumpkin themed outfits. These types of costumes are both comfy and light on your pet. See costume on Amazon

Spider Halloween Costume for Dogs

A costume that has been spinning up a web of excitement this year is the spider pup costume. Definitely more on the over the top extravagant side of the festive spirit, this costume is sure to turn a lot of heads and wow a lot of kids. Your pup will definitely be the best dressed at the party. See costume on Amazon.

Shark Halloween Costume for Dogs and Cats

Chewy are sporting some very spooktacular pet costumes this halloween and we are here for it! They’ve got an array of fabulous, frightful and fierce costumes perfect for any dog and cat breed. One of our favourites for this year is the Frisco Shark Attack. However, if you’re feeling a bit more low key this Halloween you can opt for one of the Frisco Bandana’s - very cute and simple.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Cats on Amazon

Of course, you can find pretty much everything and anything on Amazon. So if you’re feeling a bit lazy this Halloween and don’t want to think too much, you can check out the vast selection of Halloween costumes listed on Amazon. Some of our faves include: The party trick knife, Witch costume, Ghostbusters. There are a lot of great ones on Amazon - you’re sure to find something for you, the dog and the family.

It’s great to be a pet owner who loves Halloween in 2021 because there are a lot of fabulous costumes, more than any other previous Halloween. Of course you can always go DIY and make your companion a beautiful authentic costume. 

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