How to keep your pets calm during fireworks

Our tips and tricks to help your pet remain stress-free during the holidays

There are lots of simple things you can do to help your pet deal with fireworks. By preparing in advance before fireworks start your pet will be better able to cope with the noises. These tips are simple to implement, so why not save your pet the fear and discomfort?

1. Avoid them being outside when it's dark

This is when fireworks are most likely to be set off so keeping your pet inside will help them feel safer. If you are a cat owner, make sure they are inside earlier in the day and lock your cat flap so they stay inside during the evenings around Bonfire Night and New Years Eve. For dog owners, try to walk your dog when it's light to minimise the risk of being around firework noise.

2. Close windows and curtains

This helps your pets ignore the sounds outside, and keeps them from seeing the flashes of colours - making for a more peaceful environment!

3. Put on the TV or some music

 Again, this helps to drown out the noise of the bangs and provides noises they are familiar with to provide comfort.

4. Create some hiding places around your home

Having secure areas available is important so your pet has somewhere to go if they get spooked. Consider where are their favourite hiding spots around your home, make this area as quiet of firework noise as you can and leave them their favourite toys to comfort them.

5. Use calming products ahead of known firework displays

If your pet has a generally nervous disposition ask your vet for recommendations for calming products that may work for your pet. There are many products out there from treats to room diffusers that help keep your pet calm, so see what works best for your pet.

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