The new must have pet: The Barbet

The new must have pet: The Barbet

The ultimate outdoor sporting dog that loves water, the Barbet is set to become the latest must-have pet.

Thinking of owning one? We have listed 5 interesting facts about the Barbet (pronounced Bar-bay). 

  1. The barbet originated from France and can be dated back to the 14th century.
  2. Crufts have bestowed their blue-blooded hallmark to the Barbet, describing the breed as ‘intelligent, active and friendly’.
  3. There are currently only 140 Barbets in the UK but this is set to rise!
  4. Barbets seldom shed and are great for people with allergies, however regular brushing and grooming will prevent the coat from matting.
  5. The Barbet does become very attached to its owners and can suffer from separation anxiety.

It’s no wonder the Barbet is set to become a favourite pet and we hope to see one soon in the salon!

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