Puppy Care 101: How to care for a new puppy

From training and behaviour to puppy proofing your house. This guide has everything you need if you are a new puppy owner

Welcoming a new puppy into your family is super exciting, but is also accompanied with some necessary preparation and hard work in order to ensure that they settle in well to their new home and that you build a strong bond with them. By doing your best to keep these top tips in mind, you’ll be a seasoned dog owner before you know it.

New puppy tips

It is important to have realistic expectations for the beginning of your journey with a new puppy - they may make mistakes and misbehave at the start, but with commitment and time things will get better. Plan your puppy’s first week in their new home to be with family members only, as this helps them adjust and settle into the new environment as quickly as possible. Also, providing the puppy with a quiet place to retreat can help minimise any stress they may experience during the transition of being in a new home. 

By focusing on one command at a time, rewarding the puppy for good behaviour with treats, and correcting bad behaviour immediately after it happens, your puppy will progress in their learning quickly. As well as this, make sure that training is consistent across the family - if one person allows a certain behaviour that another punishes, this can be confusing for the puppy. 

What to buy for a new puppy

A leash can prove handy both inside the house as well as outdoors for a new puppy - keeping them on a leash in the house for the first couple of days can help them bond with their primary caregiver and learn who to listen to. 

Having enough supply of the same type of food is a useful tip to keep in mind for when you get a new puppy, as keeping them on the same food for the first two weeks of being in a new home aids the adjustment process.

Puppies are renowned for chewing on anything they can find, so investing in containers or extra storage space for items such as shoes and toys can help you ensure that these items are not left lying around, and therefore not left exposed to the gnashers of your new pup.

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