8 Dog Pictures to Make You Feel Autumnal

Here is a few photos of dogs to get you in the autumnal spirit, just in time for the First Day of Autumn!

1. Sometimes you just have to take a break from jumping around in the crunchy leaves.

Shetland Sheepdog in Leaves

2. This little guy is wrapped up warm for a chilly morning walk.

Maltese walking in leaves

3.This little wizard is totally ready to trick or treat.

Corgi in witch hat

4. Who wouldn't like to take this pumpkin home from the patch?

Pomeranian pumpkin

5. This pooch is set to win the costume contest!

Boston terrier halloween costume

6. Pumpkin picking can be such hard work...

Golden retriever pumpkin

7. These three ghosts are incredibly spooky!

dog ghost costumes

8. These pups are having a great time crunching through leaves.

pugs walking in leaves

BONUS! This little guy is having a blast seeing autumn for the first time!

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