Overcoming Difficulties in a New Career

The idea of starting a new career is both exciting and daunting. Whether you are highly experienced or a complete novice, the social dynamics that come with a new job is a big part of adapting to a new routine. Will you fit in? Will you work at the same rate as others? Will you make friends? What will your boss be like? Will you be managing anyone? You then add to that brand new skills that you need to learn and even if you are working for yourself, brand new pressures and goals and expectations that are put upon you. That isn’t always easy. If you find yourself struggling to take on new information or just overcoming the challenges of a change, this could help make your new career a great one.

It’s important to go into a new place with a positive mind-set and to aim for success, however, if you are not aware of the possible challenges that you may face, it can be a shock so going in with your eyes open is key. Here are our tips for overcoming those initial challenges. 

1. Know your own strengths and weaknesses

This might seem like an obvious task but it is worth while doing. Knowing exactly what you can bring to a business, even when it is your own can help identify your market. Do you have experience of retail or are especially good with data protection? Do have a huge passion for Schnauzers? Knowing your skills helps you be most effective. Knowing your weaknesses is important too. Are you wanting to learn how to hand strip a dog? Do you panic with aggressive dogs? Is the idea of managing finances terrifying? Do you know your bichon from your zuchonz, cava-chon, poo-chon, shih-poo or cockapoo? Look for seminars, workshops and other people who can help develop your skills and raise your standards.

2. Have a business plan and personal SMART goals

Regardless of your role, whether you are working for someone else, working solo or leading a team, recognise that you need to plan ahead for the future. Having a set of measurable goals help you to keep on task and also to evidence the progress that you are making. Have regular checks to make sure your goals are still relevant and to update them can help keep you motivated and keep your standard higher.

3. Know your market

Who are your client base? What is selling well? What is making you the most money? The better you know your market, the better you can tailor your services and the better service you can give. Make sure your business skills are as sharp as your grooming skills. Go to our business section to help support you make the best success of your business, whether it is at home, mobile or in a salon.

4. Get the right support

Particularly when you are starting off in a new business and even throughout your career when you are established, getting help to make sure your business is a success should be paramount. If you have additional difficulties with Maths or English or you just need to find the best way to analyse the market, speak up. Leaving your difficulties or trying to cover them up won’t give you the best results. Find out where we can help.

5. Recognise you are only human

Allow yourself the space to learn and progress at a rate that is achievable. It is easy to look at a new career and feel the pressure to immediately succeed or to over exert yourself. You need to recognise that you should be judging yourself on the quality of your work rather than the quantity. Financial pressure, especially when working for yourself can be tough but with the right attitude, your grooming, your client base and your income can all rapidly improve.

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