How to groom a cockapoo

How To Groom A Cockapoo

“An adorable small dog with the personality of a big clown, the Cockapoo is the first of the “designer dogs” dating back to the 1960s rather than to just a few years ago” ( Cockapoo’s are an extremely popular breed and we have many of them come into GroomArts Academy Salon. It’s not hard to see why as they are loyal, energetic, affectionate and fun loving dogs that make wonderful family pets and companions.

Anyone who owns or is thinking of owning a cockapoo must first if they haven’t already, as with any dog breed, read up about them; their personality, traits and grooming regime etc. As the RSPCA say, dogs are unique and therefore there isn’t one perfect way to care for a dog so it is important to do extensive research and find the right one for you and those around you.

The cockapoo owners club UK have a fantastic article: “Is getting a cockapoo right for you?”, and very importantly state cockapoo’s “require a regular grooming regime to keep the coats matt free”.


We have put together 5 top tips for caring for the coat of a cockapoo:

Tip 1: Brush, brush and brush! Their coats require regular brushing and combing using for example a slicker brush and comb to prevent matts. Matts can be very painful and uncomfortable for dogs and could result in shaving the

Tip 2: Take your cockapoo to a professional grooming salon every 6 – 8 weeks.

Tip 3: Check their coat after a walk for any unwanted stowaways like grass seeds, mud and twigs etc.

Tip 4: Keep their coat to a manageable length. The cockapoo club GB suggests keeping it to 3-4cm in length.

Tip 5: Take a 1-Day Introduction to Dog Grooming course and learn how to groom your cockapoo.

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