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So you’ve decided to make the decision to embrace a career in dog grooming. This is an amazing step but now it is just as important to be aware of the investment that you can put into your career. This might require planning and forward thinking and with the right commitment, can lead to a highly successful career.This document will breakdown the basic areas of costs and also allow you to think slightly beyond the course and into the next stage of your journey. For more specifics, please visit our courses page and resource centre  to work out the costs for your needs and your ambitions for success.

The course

This will generally be the main bulk of your cost but the biggest investment into your future should be your learning. You have the best staff teaching you skills that go so much further than the qualification to make sure you come out with the greatest chance for success.


It is important to consider continuing your development after your main learning. Continuing Professional Development and building your business skills and knowledge can turn your passion into a viable, profitable business. 1 day workshops to up skill really help progress your business. Budget for several of these per year to keep your knowledge fully up to date. This includes our popular cat grooming workshop, which for £120 per day can teach you a skill that will open up your market very quickly.


Having the right scissors early on in your journey is so important. We highly recommend that you pick up scissors to start your learning and career progression with us. This is an extension of your arm for the majority of the time that you are working. Having something that is yours, that you look after and is suitable for your ability can make a real difference to the finish on your groom. To have a set of straight scissors, thinning scissors and curved scissors, you can buy this from our shop for £200-£300, although you can browse to see what else is available.

Ongoing support

It’s not just the process of the course or even further training that needs to be considered. When you enter the grooming world and try to stand on your own two feet, sometimes in can be difficult to know where to turn next. Making the right choices and making sure your knowledge is always up to date is really important in making your business work. By buying our future support service, you can protect yourself from the pitfalls of an ever-changing market and give yourself the greatest chances of immediate success with the highest standards.

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