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At one of the highlights in the ‘doggie world calendar’, Discover Dogs is a fantastic event to find out as much as you can about different breeds, different services and to share your love of dogs with a lot of like-minded people. It doesn’t just have to stop with finding more out about dogs though…

Discover Dogs

The UK Kennel Club in association with the Excel Centre bring together some of the best and brightest breeders, nutritionists, behavioural specialists, groomers and educators within the industry. This event really allows those who love dogs the chance to see competitions, chat with experts, try the latest products and really indulge in their love of dogs. Being able to improve your knowledge of your dog can really help improve the relationship with your four-legged family member and yourself.

So what is important to know about your furry friend?

Whether you’re a breeder, a trainer, a groomer or just a dog lover, knowing how to look after your dog can make a big difference. Recognising the signs and symptoms of a healthy and unhealthy dog or just knowing exactly how to look after your dog’s maintenance can really help. Looking after your dog can be a really rewarding and bonding experience, but what about the possibility of discovering a career that can help you do what you love every day?

Discovering You

Being a professional dog grooming stylist is not a career path that many people have thought about but might just be an opportunity to do something you love every day. Whether you dream of having more time with the family, just love spending time with as many dogs as possible or you want to build a global empire of beautiful dogs.

Getting qualified in a field with a huge demand and keeping your passion and knowledge for dogs growing can give you the happy career that you’ve been waiting to discover. Come and see us and try out a taster course. Spend some time with our amazing staff and let us help you get into a job that you can wake up every day and feel passionate about.

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