Cute Puppies: 15 of the best pictures

We'd love to be able to groom these

This is as fluffy as the towel!!!

Would you let this beautiful pup sit in the passenger seat?

The look on their face when you know they've done something wrong.

This pup knows that "winter is coming"

Does this bulldog's bum look big in this?

This wire haired dachshund loves a close-up!

When I showed my partner and asked her which puppy she preferred "left or right?" she said "I want both"

This Bedlington terrier seems to have a penchant for sewing!

Even as a pup 'Girls just want to have fun'

This shar pei can moult more than a german shepherd!

Why are frenchie's so cute??? Je ne sais pas!!!

Any dog can be a model dog with the right owner and right training.

Pug life

Even puppies can get 'hat hair' - off to the groomers she goes!

Ready to play with this boxer?

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