Customer Essentials

1. Personalise the experience

Every customer needs to feel valued and that the treatment they are getting is specific to them. Using their name and their dog’s name or just asking about their welfare or things that are separate from the service to show an interest in them, makes a big difference.

2. Cover yourself

Although I am sure that nearly all customers you come across will be lovely and everything will run smoothly, it makes sense you take all necessary precautions. Explain the service that you will be offering. Make sure you are clear in what is best for the dog, the cost and also make sure a disclaimer is signed to keep both parties honest, so you can groom and healthy, safe dog and return a happy, professionally finished dog to a delighted customer.

3. Be informative

Keeping your customers in the loop is important to keeping them happy.  Tell them how long the job should approximately take and a collection time. Give them details of their dog’s behavior, of the treatment they will receive and show off your knowledge. Don’t be afraid to refuse a treatment you think is detrimental to the dog.

4. Have a policy

Although we only want to think about the positives in this process, have Insurance, Risk Assessments, RIDDOR and Health and Safety Policies. You need to know exactly what to do if there is an accident or a complaint and be legally covered against any problems.

5. Know what you need to know

In your job, it is essential to understand what information you need to collect from your clients but also how that information is used and stored. Vets details, behavior, health, vaccinations, grooming history… the list goes on for what is important to know and the better informed you are, the better the service you can offer.

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