How to Control & Stop Dog Shedding at Home

Unless you have a hairless dog, every other coat type will shed (including curly coated breeds!!!). Any owner or breeder or specialist that says “this dog doesn’t shed” isn’t being truthful and when you find an abundance of hair caught in your clothes or on your furniture, it’s important to know exactly why this happens and what you can do about it.

Dogs will shed their coat for a variety of reasons and managing that hair loss can be a huge effort, especially if you have a Samoyed on your hands (our dry room ends up looking like a blizzard when we have our 6 in at once!!!). There are several factors that cause this hair loss and affect the severity. Chadwicks have very helpfully illustrated how to minimise shedding and also how to minimise the impact it has on your home.

If you have any more tips to keeping your home hair free, please let us know below!

For more information on why dogs shed their coat and some expert advice for what to do, see our assist section.

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