The change from 7763 to 7863

What it means

Having a Level 3 City and Guilds dog grooming qualification has real value within the dog grooming Industry. Along with animal care apprenticeships and the newly developing Level 3/4 BTEC Commercial Pet stylist qualification, these represent the benchmark of what is available and reputable in the dog grooming world. Developing the right skills to be successful and having the right training is essential to build a successful business and have the ability to have the career change, new career or just the happiness, profit and freedom that you want. 

What do I need to know?

City and Guilds are making a change to their benchmark of the industry standard and as a result, the delivery and format will change too. As the thought leaders within the dog grooming and education industry, we fully support trying to raise the standards, but it is important that you are aware of the change and the knock-on impact for you as a student. Here is a piece designed to tell you exactly what we believe are the differences between the qualifications and importantly what it means for you, including your options:

  • Evolve exams vs Written exams​

    Current Qualification (expired registration in August 2017 but still valid until 2020)

    With the 7763-03 qualification, you are able to sit an Evolve exam immediately after your training. This means that you can get qualified at any time at an approved centre. The test consists of two multiple choice exams. There is a large bank of questions to test a range of knowledge. This allows results to be based partly on the luck of the draw with questions, but this is generally considered a highly reliable format. The benefit to this method is that results can be found out pretty much instantly and it can be sat whenever is agreed with your centre and at any suitable centre.

    New Qualification

    With the 7863-03 format, you are required to sit a written exam in Bedford at the PIF centre. The synoptic exam covers all content from the course and is very thorough. It requires less resources for each centre but currently, the exam only can be completed in either June or November. The benefit to this method is that you can gain your Diploma rather than a Certificate through this format.

  • No requirements vs Requirements

    This is a big debate and really is linked to the integrity of the training being carried out and also the integrity of the individual.

    Current Qualification (expired registration in August 2017 but still valid until 2020)

    The 7763-03 has no requirements, other than you are aged 16 or above, so you can go and take the Level 3 qualification straight away  and when you have finished the certificate, would be qualified and work at the standard to begin your own business or work for someone else as a professional dog groomer. You then can take your Diploma exams anytime up to 3 years after your initial registration, which are practical assessments. The drawback to this is that is does leave smaller salons to fake qualifications and standards.

    New Qualification

    The 7863-03, you are required to take the level 2 qualification for dog grooming assistants. This helps to build a stronger base of skills and avoids some organisations skipping on the quality of their training. Like the 7763-03 qualification, the updated Diploma will allow you to go straight into industry afterwards. The drawback to this is that it takes more time and money to achieve the same national standard. However, it does make it harder to skip key base knowledge needed to produce a high quality groom. This cannot currently be fast tracked for any experienced groomers.

  • Reputation

    This is a key point when considering the differences...

    BOTH qualifications are by City & Guilds and BOTH are at the NVQ Level 3. This is respected across the industry and with the right training from the right staff, provides you with the capability to succeed at something you're passionate about.

  • Time to register

    Current Qualification (expired registration in August 2017 but still valid until 2020)

    The 7763-03 must be registered for by the 31st August 2017. This gives you three years to complete the qualification from the point of registration. To clarify, you are able to register before the 31st August 2017 and complete your training up to August 2020.

    New Qualification

    The 7863-03 has been available to register for since June 2017. To be able to be registered, you must have completed your Level 2 qualification and been certificated for it.

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