Affording your course

Sometimes looking at the costs of training can be scary. As the cost of living rises up and most people having responsibilities to take care of, the idea of parting with any money is a tough one. This will take you through why you should invest in your future before it’s too late.

Course fees

The current 7763-03 course fees are £3700. This allows you to be qualified as a City and Guilds Level 3 groomer when you have completed your course and assignments. The new 7863-03 course requires you to also take the Level 2 qualification and will take longer to complete. Course fees for this new course can be £8000 before you can hold a grooming qualification. Both of these options will allow you to do what you love, so think how you can manage your money.

I have no money! Where is it all going?

There is no question that money is a huge factor when deciding what to do with your life. You can make career choices based purely on the cost it takes to start your career, so let’s look at some of the UK’s individual average spends on indulgences within a year:

Items we waste money on each year

Cost per year

Unused health and beauty products


Unused gym time


New car depreciation each year

£ 3,400

Money spent renting


Money spent on a family trip to the cinema each year






Sources: Factmint and Thisismoney (2016)

When looking at the cost of items, we quite often will rationalise the cost of smaller expenses by saying “it’s only a few pounds” and “I deserve a little treat”. It is healthy to have that mindset and to reward yourself for hard work, but are there other ways to spend money on yourself?

Where can I spend money on myself?

One of the best ways you can spend money on yourself is when you spend it on your own growth. By looking to education, you’re investing in your future and giving yourself the skills to make more money, more opportunities and more happiness. Learning a new skill or improving a current one allows you to feel a sense of achievement that lasts.

Why sign up now?

The course in it’s current format (7763-03) is changing. This has a few knock on implications but one of the main ones that will affect you is price. There is no middle step between being unqualified and qualified with a diploma. In addition, you must also have your level 2 qualification, which would allow you to be a qualified assistant. All of this means that course fees will more than double. This will also take a longer period of time and as a consequence, costs within your personal life will also build up. The date for this change is 31st August 2017. If you are registered by this point, you will have 3 years to do what you love.

Can I have any help?

You can write to this man and ask for help, although there are other options…

  1. Bursaries and scholarships – City and Guilds consider funding learning to students who cannot afford their course fees.

  2. Start up loans – at a rate of 6%, you can borrow up to £25,000 over 1 to 5 years.

  3. Local enterprise loans – ask your local authority if they can support your journey into a career you love.

  4. PCDL – this can be applied for through the government and depending on the length of your course, you can borrow anywhere between £300 and £10,000

For more about your funding options, read our advice in the student advice section or tell us some of your helpful hints here.

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